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Petra Raspel (Singing Sense)

Vocal Coach & Mindset Coach

"I invited Izzie to do a Facebook Live for my clients who are dealing with performance anxiety before and during auditions. She is very methodical in her approach and has immense knowledge how to prepare efficiently so you can give your absolute best when it matters. At the same time, talking to her feels like talking to an old friend - Izzie has an innate ability to make you feel at ease, and you just instinctively know you're in good hands.
If you are an actor or performer who needs help with preparing for auditions and giving your absolute best, I cannot recommend Izzie highly enough."

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Cora Frank

College Applicant

"I had a blast and learned a lot [from Izzie]! Not only through the Facebook units or her inspirational blog posts on her website, but also as a participant of a recent masterclass with Katja Maria Slotte. I can't wait to join the next masterclass and dive deeper into personal online coaching with Izzie."

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Nicole Noll

Voice Student

"Ever since I started working with Izzie, I have made fundamental progress through our presence work! I appreciate her honesty and patience. Sessions are hard work but also FUN!"

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Sara Glancy (The Audition Rep Matchmaker)

Actress, Singer & Rep Coach

"Izzie is a wonderfully warm-hearted human who is incredibly dedicated to her craft!"

Photo credit: Matthew Murphy
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