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The Live Out Loud Academy (LOLA)

Taking your acting skills on the road to professional gigs!

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Do you love performing but community theatre just doesn't cut it anymore? Does your heart ache for more but you know that theatre college isn't the right path for you?

If so, you have come to the right place! At LOLA, we are devoted to getting you on the professional track without a formal college education.

Picture this: You come on stage to take your bow and the crowd starts rising for standing ovations. The audience keeps cheering even after the curtain has closed. Later that night you receive an Instagram message from little Gracie saying, "Tonight's show was sooooo wicked, I want to be like you when I grow up!"

While that sounds truly amazing, we both know that I can't guarantee you'll be cast in a leading role. What I can guarantee is that with your hard work and commitment to this program, you will leave with the skill sets, knowledge and structure you need to audition for and increase your chances of booking professional gigs. You will enter show biz with realistic expectations.

Dream roles provide immense inspiration. When we strive for greatness, we become the best actors we can be. And that's the LOLA guarantee.

What is LOLA?

LOLA is an ongoing online intensive for theatre actors without a degree who want to book professional gigs.

This is NOT a group course: each student receives a personal curriculum tailored to their needs.

This is NOT on demand, you are required to show up for class on time and do your homework.

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LOLA is for you if

  • you are serious about taking your acting skills to a professional level
  • you are willing to turn your dreams into actionable plans
  • you are looking for long-term growth and not a quick fix
  • you understand that one semester is likely not enough to be ready to book professional work
  • you are open to Izzie's mix of tough love and tender loving care! 😊

"It just takes a little patience, it takes a little time. A little perseverance and a little uphill climb. You might not think it's worth it, you might begin to doubt but you can't take any shortcuts, you have to stick it out!"

- Lyrics from the musical Dear Evan Hansen -

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What will I learn?

In the first session of each semester, Izzie and you will discuss detailed goals and arrange your curriculum accordingly.

Here are only some of the things that can be covered:

  • creating unique renditions of monologues and songs
  • flexibility in your interpretation for different environments
  • unleashing your artistic self while still staying true to the material
  • being audition-ready always
  • strategy & structure to maintain a life-work-class balance
  • powerful presence inside & outside the audition room
  • being competitive without being a cut-throat b*tch 😉

Izzie will hold you accountable but YOU are responsible for showing up and doing your part!

Are you sure I don't need a university degree to be successful in musical theatre?

First of all, what does "being successful" mean to YOU? If your goal is being a teaching assistant during the week and a professional actor on weekends and you reach that goal, you are successful!

Second of all, here are some performers who never graduated or never even attended college:

  • Ben Platt
  • Sutton Foster
  • Jonathan Groff
  • Stephanie J. Block
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Laura Bell Bundy

And yes, there are more, many more! But do you know what these performers have in common? They all took classes, and they all had mentors! And I'm inviting you to be my mentee!


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16 class weeks with guaranteed 1:1 Lessons with Izzie

LOLA is the only place in the studio where we guarantee a regular spot on Izzie's calendar.

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Course Materials

You need sheet music or a professional accompaniment track for our classes or our recital? We've got you covered!

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Priority Office Hours

Any questions that come up in between classes can be asked directly via Marco Polo. LOLA students' questions will always be answered first.

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End-of-Semester Online Recital

At the end of each semester, LOLA will host an online recital so you can perform in front of your peers and an audience.

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Early Admission to Masterclasses/Group Courses/Q&As

You'll be the first to know about special events in our studio. You will be able to sign up before it will be marketed to the general public.

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1 Audition Book Overhaul

Sara Glancy, aka "The Audition Rep Matchmaker", pairs actors with the audition materials that are going to book them the job! Think of her as a Yente for the digital age--helping actors find the songs and monologues of their dreams.

Worth: $149

Click here to find out more about Sara!
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Bonus Weeks

At the end of each semester, Izzie will open the studio for 2-4 bonus weeks. This is your chance to snatch up the chance of additional work sessions with Izzie at no additional cost - no matter if you missed a session during the semester or not.

"The things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful!"

- Ben Platt -

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Meet Your Mentor

Hey there, my name is Izzie Baumann. I am a very tall and very pale actress from Germany. 

Before I became an actress, I got a degree in Applied Linguistics because I believe in the power of multiple qualifications. I also knew it would be a long, winding road.

Upon embarking on my professional theatre journey, I was told that "being tall is my biggest disadvantage and my biggest asset at the same time". What I didn't understand back then is that becoming a great actress cannot be achieved by fitting into a crowd but only by standing out. Quite literally, in my case! 😊

But let me be frank, 'tis not for the faint of heart! No matter how successful you are, you will always have to audition. 5-year-projections are not a part of THIS job. Which is why roughly 95% of my colleagues do not solely make their money performing. Many teach or have a "muggle job". 

So I have taken it onto myself to support young actors for whom being the star in community theatre just doesn't cut it anymore. I want to help them make the transition to professional work while still maintaining their parallel career. And to bust the starving actor myth one pioneer at a time.

Want to know more about me? Sure! Just click here!

Sign-up for LOLA closes once the class limit of 10 students is reached but no later than September 13, 2020.









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Filling in the application shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes. Once you've submitted your answers, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Yes, there is a vetting process involved with this program. Here are some of my criteria for successful applicants: resilience, guts and determination.

No matter your skin color, your sexual orientation or your gender identity, you are welcome in my classroom!

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