Media Exposure & Stress Levels in Times of COVID-19 (Guest Blog by Petra Raspel)

Apr 12, 2020
I’d like to talk a bit about media exposure and stress-levels today. Some type of info is always at our fingertips. Literally. You only have to pick up your smartphone to read the latest news. While it’s convenient and useful, it can also cause a tremendous amount of anxiety. Let's take a critical look at the media you're consuming and the ways in which they can affect your peace of mind.
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give you an up close and personal...
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Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing for Actors - Part II

Sep 15, 2019

Mental Health for Performers

Petra Raspel from Singing Sense and I will co-host a chat about mental health in the performing arts on my Facebook page on Monday, September 16th at 2pm BST/London.

If this resonates, please join us. I know that many of us deal with these questions on a daily basis - be it because of our own struggles or those of our students. Some of you know that this is a subject very dear to us, and that the mental wellness of creatives...

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