Make A Pla [sic!]

Phoebe? Do you have a plan?

I don't even have a "pla".

Friends, S01 E04

Make a Plan

Especially in times like now, it can be hard to stay focused and think about the future. If you wonder how other people are getting through this without losing their minds, let me tell you the answer: They are making a plan!

How to make a plan

It may sound simple but the execution can be a drag. If you aren’t a list-making aficionada like me, you might not even know where to begin. And even if you are, it is easy to get buried in an avalanche of to-do lists.

First of all, take a pen and paper and about an hour of your time. Even if you’re working from home and taking care of your kids, it will be worth it. Trust me, I’m German. ;-)

Step by Step

Make a list of everything you want to achieve in life. Yes, everything! Whether it is getting into a BFA program, being on Broadway as Eponine, retiring with a million bucks in your account or finally telling Jeff how you feel. It all needs to be on there.

Then choose your priority. Yes, singular! Pick one goal that you want to focus on right now. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you can’t focus on something else in a couple of months. To quote Greg McKeown, “We can do anything but not everything!” Meaning: not everything at the same time.

And then…

… make an action plan on how to achieve your priority goal! This plan may consist of different to do lists and multiple binders. ;-)

If your alarm bells are ringing now, don’t worry. You needn’t do this alone. Let me help you with a healthy dose of Capricorn rigidity and German efficiency. :-)

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Izzie xo.