Here's how Acting Lessons can help you through the Pandemic

We are now six months into the pandemic. Broadway has come to a screeching halt. We have no idea when it's coming back. Performing opportunities around the globe are scarcer than ever. But this doesn't mean that we should let our craft lie fallow. 

Here are a few reasons for taking acting lessons while the world is on fire:

  • The world of theatre is chaos as it is, use this time to practice under stressful conditions so the reality of it won't catch you off-guard later.
  • This is the...
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Beyond the Lyrics: Storytelling in Song

Dear everyone,

my colleague Stephanie Sabin and I have come up with a special treat for you this May:

Come work with master teacher Izzie Baumann from Germany on the skills of storytelling. Singing isn't just about making right notes fit with right words. It's about the storytelling - the moving - the transporting!

Do you need help with your storytelling? This is the perfect spot to try out a piece you're getting ready to take on the road or perform to your online audience!

In "Beyond the...

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Izzie's Journey

I grew up in suburban Germany as the daughter of two tax officials. I roamed the neighboring fields, crushed frozen puddles with my rubber boots and built branch forts with my sister.

I soon learned that the affinity for adventure was strong in this one. Literally every single person in my family spends their work life sitting at a desk. But I knew early on that that wasn’t for me, I was meant to spend my life on stage.

I prepped for this career the only way I knew how: at full...

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Media Exposure & Stress Levels in Times of COVID-19 (Guest Blog by Petra Raspel)

I’d like to talk a bit about media exposure and stress-levels today. Some type of info is always at our fingertips. Literally. You only have to pick up your smartphone to read the latest news. While it’s convenient and useful, it can also cause a tremendous amount of anxiety. Let's take a critical look at the media you're consuming and the ways in which they can affect your peace of mind.
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give you an up close and personal...
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Teaching in the Time of Corona

Full disclosure: In times like these, it feels icky to sell.

Over the past few weeks, a substantial part of my income has just disappeared into thin air. And I am not the only one, most of my students’ income stems mostly from the arts. I understand that making a financial commitment to a new program can be a really tough decision right now.

Working online isn’t better or worse, it’s just different.

Within days of the first countries going into lockdown, I saw numerous free...

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Music was my first love!

Music has always had a special place in my heart. The first memory I have of music is me being five or six years old, singing in a children’s church choir. The more I grew up and the older I got, the more I realized that music would always be there by my side. And truth be told, one of my oldest and closest friends I found through music.

In the best of cases, music energizes me, it puts an end to procrastination, it helps my thoughts get into a flow, it inspires me, triggers good...

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Make A Pla [sic!]

Phoebe? Do you have a plan?

I don't even have a "pla".

Friends, S01 E04

Make a Plan

Especially in times like now, it can be hard to stay focused and think about the future. If you wonder how other people are getting through this without losing their minds, let me tell you the answer: They are making a plan!

How to make a plan

It may sound simple but the execution can be a drag. If you aren’t a list-making aficionada like me, you might not even know where to begin. And even...

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes in BFA Auditions // Guest Blog by Sara Glancy, Audition Rep Matchmaker

SPOILER ALERT: It’s NOT a lack of preparation.

If you’re reading this blog, my guess is preparation is your JAM. All you’ve been doing for weeks is obsessing over these auditions.

Believe me, I get it.

I’m a NYC-based audition coach who went through the BFA audition process myself a few years back, so I’ve experienced this stressful situation from all sides.

My college audition story starts with a montage of research, coffee, and general anxiety, and ended with...

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This month is all about college auditions!

Hey folks,

thank you for reading! :-)

College Auditions

This month we'll be talking all about college auditions! Head over to my Instagram for tips on the college audition process or subscribe to my mailing list to never miss a blog post! ;-)

Schedule Filling Up

If you are interested in college audition coachings or my other programs, make sure to schedule a FREE 15-minute session with me. But be quick, I am on tour throughout December so spots are limited!

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Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing for Actors - Part II

Mental Health for Performers

Petra Raspel from Singing Sense and I will co-host a chat about mental health in the performing arts on my Facebook page on Monday, September 16th at 2pm BST/London.

If this resonates, please join us. I know that many of us deal with these questions on a daily basis - be it because of our own struggles or those of our students. Some of you know that this is a subject very dear to us, and that the mental wellness of creatives...

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