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You never get called in for roles that would be 100% right for you? Let us check through your audition material to see where the hiccups are.

The Audition Brand Audit includes:

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Resumé Check

Let us create a resumé that paints a compelling picture for casting directors. We will scrap unnecessary clutter and highlight what makes you you.

In online submissions, the first impression the casting director will have of you is determined by your cover letter. Let me help you find language that reflects your personality without seeming unprofessional. :)

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Website Check

Your website and your social media are your online calling cards. Casting directors are very busy people so having to search for your media and contact information can be a drag. Let’s optimize your website and email signature so the process becomes real easy (and enjoyable) for them!

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Audition Book Check

Does your rep represent your place in the industry? Does it show off what you are right for RIGHT NOW? Is ALL of it ready to perform in a high-pressure environment?

Let’s re-assess the whole shebang so casting directors can see at a glance which role you are right for before you have even sung a note!

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Headshot Check

Compared to the rest of your audition material, headshots can be the hardest part to assess. Pictures of you that are perfectly charming in a private setting may not represent your audition brand AT ALL!

Let me give you an honest assessment of what your pictures tell their viewer and which headshot should be submitted for which auditions!

This is right for you if:

  • you are ready to submit for professional gigs
  • you have all your materials at hand but don't know how to present them to serve you (Don't worry: Drafts are enough as long as they are final drafts! ;-))
  • you aren't scared of the naked truth about how casting directors might perceive you (Think about it this way: my brutal honesty will help you book more gigs. ;-))

Ready to take the next step? Book a Complimentary Consult to make sure the audit is what best serves your needs right now.

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