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The Actors' Skills Series

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Welcome to the Actors' Skills Series. Starting in January of 2021, I will offer monthly online masterclasses that cover the different requirements for singing and non-singing actors.

Check out the upcoming events, check into the programs and bring your markers! ❤

Upcoming Events

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In this hands-on, online masterclass, we will work on:

  • using your lines as an expression of the underlying emotion
  • taking pauses
  • being thoroughly prepared
  • not taking every line at face value
  • letting the magic happen between the lines

We will focus on monologues from plays that were written after 1945.

Six participants will work with me directly on their monologues, six additional students may observe.

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In this masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • present unknown pieces with confidence
  • create a space in which you can overcome your nerves
  • analyse a text quickly and to its emotional core
  • focus on your emotional work instead of overthinking
  • use your musical skills to create a rhythm that serves you

This online masterclass is limited to ten participants!

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Think of this not as a class but as an opportunity to try out your material in front of a friendly audience.

Bring your monologue - classical or contemporary - and give it a whirl!

You will have the opportunity to run your monologue a couple of times to give it a real spin.

Look forward to support and cheers from your peers and me and a little surprise at the end!

This online event is limited to ten participants!

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This is right for you if:

  • learning new skills is exciting for you
  • you are dedicated and don't shy away from hard work
  • you are up for constructive criticism concerning your artistic development

Meet Your Mentor

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Hey there, my name is Izzie Baumann. I am a very tall and very pale actress from Germany. 

Before I became an actress, I got a degree in Applied Linguistics because I believe in the power of multiple qualifications. I also knew it would be a long, winding road.

Upon embarking on my professional theatre journey, I was told that "being tall is my biggest disadvantage and my biggest asset at the same time". What I didn't understand back then is that becoming a great actress cannot be achieved by disappearing in the crowd but only by standing out. Quite literally, in my case! 😊

So I have taken it onto myself to support young actors for whom being the star in community theatre just doesn't cut it anymore. I want to help them make the transition to professional work while still maintaining their parallel career. And to bust the starving actor myth one pioneer at a time.

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