The 16 Bar Bootcamp

Broadway has come to a screeching halt. We have no idea when it's coming back. Performing opportunities around the globe are scarcer than ever. But this doesn't mean that we should let our craft lie fallow. Let's use the actor's approach to slay our 16 bar cuts amidst the chaos so we are well-prepared for our returns to the theatre stage.

Musical theatre performers are always actors first and singers second. Nobody likes to listen to belted high notes without emotion.

Why should I take acting lessons in the middle of a global pandemic?

  • The world of theatre is chaos as it is, use this time to practice under stressful conditions so the reality of it won't catch you off-guard later.
  • This is the perfect time to find your own style and create unique renditions because you aren't caught up in rehearsals for a certain role.
  • We are living in a highly traumatic year. I'm inviting you into a safe space to practice your craft and find a sense of normalcy.
  • Focusing on long-term goals will have a positive effect on your mental health. Let's explore the virtual stage to belt our hearts out and feel all the feels.
  • Our craft is a muscle we need to flex on a regular basis. We need to stay in shape to be ready for our return to the theatre stage.
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When you focus solely on the storytelling and trust that your voice will follow, that is when the magic happens!

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Here's how acting class will complement your voice work:

In acting class, you'll learn how to

  • systematically approach a character, develop a character and let them live inside an entire play.
  • prepare for cold readings and audition sides.
  • take advantage of different types of narrative theory.
  • act between the lines.
  • make your scene interpretation repeatable yet flexible at the same time.
  • step into your character's shoes instead of just externally portraying them.
  • separate the lyrics from the music.

The 16 Bar Bootcamp includes:

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6 Masterclasses

From November 1 until December 13, we will meet for a Zoom masterclass every Sunday at 1PM EST (except on Thanksgiving weekend).

Each masterclass contains:

- a 15-minute work session per participant for creating unique 16 bar renditions

- a 30-minute theory section / Q&A on one of the following topics: self-tape setup and equipment, attire, resumés, slating, audition etiquette, creating an audition brand

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Self-Tape Submissions

During the course, you are required to hand in one self-tape per week. The videos will be posted in a private group so you can cheer your classmates on AND receive individual feedback from me.

The feedback will include notes on all aspects of your self-tape.

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Small Groups

The bootcamp is limited to 6 students. No auditors allowed. This is integral to creating a safe space and a close-knit community.

Meet your coach!

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Izzie Baumann

I'm a professionally trained musical theatre actress from Germany. Parallel to teaching acting, voice and dancing, I am an active performer and auditioner.

Thanks to my degree in linguistics, my text analysis skills are well-refined. This is the key ingredient to supporting my students with character development and scene studies.

Over the past 15 years, I have lived in three different countries and connected with colleagues and friends all across the globe. It is my utmost priority to meet and collaborate with a wide variety of people so that I can comprehend and serve the cultural aspects of theatre and the world we live in.

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Are you ready to rock the 16 Bar world?

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The Early Bird Offer ends in

The Early Bird Offer

Book by September 30 to take advantage of the Early Bird Offer. Get the whole course for only $350.

If you book later, the price will rise to the regular rate of $480.

(This program is limited to six students. First come, first served.)









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